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Who we are

ProjectLogic Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a growing Multi-Disciplinary Built Environment Professional Practice focusing on Construction Project Management, Construction Management, Construction Mentorship, Architectural Design and Construction Cost Management.

We work closely with our valued customers to increase their readiness to implement their projects from inception to project close out through:

Training, Mentorship, Implementation Methodology Development, Tool Implementation, Continuous Assessment and other Value Added Services. 

ProjectLogic Consulting (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012. PLC is a holistic organization founded on service excellence ideology, focusing on delivering projects with a low carbon footprint by applying green design principles for projects and ensuring low energy consumption in their use. Our focus is on delivering projects which are within the agreed budget, agreed time and of the expected quality by applying effective cost, project and construction management principles. We are also geared at mentoring and imparting knowledge to small, medium-sized businesses and empowering communities with the skills required to execute projects successfully.


To be a leading Multi-Disciplinary Built Environment Professional Consulting Practice in providing the following services applying green design principles:

  • Construction Project Management;
  • Construction Management;
  • Construction Mentorship;
  • Architectural Design; and
  • Construction Cost Management.


To build continuous relationships with organizations seeking comprehensive management support and provide them with continuous capabilities improvement through:

  • Continuous Training;
  • Continuous Assessment;
  • Continuous Methodology Development;
  • Continuous Tools Development; and
  • Continuous Mentoring.

Our Values

We have coined the term iCAPsummarise our values, which

Innovation in providing value added solutions

the introduction of new things and /improvements, ideas or ways of doing something

Consistency in the delivery of value added service

the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time

Accountability in everything we do

the fact of being responsible for your decisions or actions and expected to explain them when you are asked

Passion in providing a value added quality service

an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Social Responsibility

As the saying goes Charity begins at home, we are currently sponsoring our sibling’s children’s education and vocational training. As the business grows we will adopt an orphanage through a church.